Up until now, the trailers for Ridley Scott's Prometheus have been very mysterious and ambiguous. We saw some glimpses of aliens and a hint at the plot, but in the end we were left with more questions than answers. Now, a new international trailer from the movie has been released that lifts the veil off of the project and allows us to take a peek at what's underneath. 

Here we get more of a feel for each character in the movie, especially Charlize Theron's cold role as the commander of the Prometheus mission. Everyone looks perfectly suited for their parts and should be able to bring a different dynamic to the claustrophobic quarters of the gigantic ship. But the real intrigue comes when we're shown what happens when the crew of the ship arrives on the alien planet and learns what is living on it. The shots are brief, but we get a great look at the tense action and horror elements that occur on and off the Prometheus after first contact is made.

The prospect of a group of explorers attempting to find the origin of life on Earth is interesting enough, but Prometheus also showcases a cavalcade of A-list talent from around the globe that should give the final product a much more thoughtful and sophisticated feel than most blockbusters. We still don't know exactly where this movie will take us, but we can't wait to find out.

We'll see if Prometheus can be the rare summer action movie that is both entertaining and challenging when it gets released on June 8. 

[via The Playlist