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To the millions of people with Gmail accounts: your email is about to get a lot less private.

Typically, those with Gmail accounts also have Google+ accounts. Until now, both of these entities have operated separately, but thanks to a new update, messages can now be sent to Gmail accounts from Google+. That means random people on Google+ can send emails to you without you ever having given them your address. They won’t know your address until you respond, though, and vice versa. When the email comes in, you’re given the option of responding to it and adding that user to your Google+ circle, or reporting the user as spam.

Google has offered an easy solution for those who don’t want to be bothered.

To turn off this option, head to your email settings.

Under the "General" tag, you'll find the options to limit who can email your account from Google + profiles, with choices including “circles” or “no one." Google will then email you with a direct link once the setting has been changed.

[via HuffPost]