When it was announced that Colorado would legalize the sale of marijuana for recreational purposes in 2014, the question on everyone's mind was what would happen if the demand kicked the supply's ass? According to TIME, many of the state's marijuana shops are facing weed sellouts in the wake of legalization's success.

TIME claims that two stores that sold a combined $87,000 worth of weed on the first day of legalization say their supply will be finished if that type of demand maintains. Furthermore, 3D Cannabis Center (site of the first sale) owner Toni Fox told the Gazette that a sellout was inevitable. "We are going to run out," Fox said on the second day of legalization if sales continued at that rate.

Aside from the frenzy for legal weed that's amplified by pot tourists, TIME notes that strict regulation on marijuana growth and distribution could also affect the supply. It's unlikely that every shop is going to run out (some had to be prepared for this response; it is legal weed, after all), but a shortage could drive anyone who right back into the eager, smug embrace of their local weed man.

That is, assuming they abandoned him in the first place.

[via TIME and the Gazette]

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