The BioShock film got canned last year but we can get an idea of what may have been with some art courtesy of concept artists Jim Martin.

The images above are just a few from Mr. Martin's gallery on his official page. The theme of the series seems to be alternating between the forgotten steel substructures of Rapture and it's towering art deco facades. Check out his site for more eye candy and then have sweet, sweet dreams of how bad the BioShock movie probably would have been. No matter how much fans love a game, making a movie adaptation is a daunting, and typically failed task.

Ken Levine, BioShock's creator and the founder of Irrational Games, canned the film after it's massive budget of $200 million was slashed to $80 million. What the hell? Can't a game developer hold a couple extra bills every now and then? Apparently there was also a disagreement with the replacement director Universal Studios brought in after Gore Verbinski, who directed a few Pirates of the Caribbean films, The Ring and The Lone Ranger among others, backed out of the project.

The artist, Jim Martin, has an some impressive films to his credit including Captain America: The First Avenger, Oblivion and a personal favorite Starship Troopers.

Oh but what could have been! Just imagine harvesting all those creepy little sisters and being drilled to death by a Big Daddy in live-action. Guess it'll just have to stay in the realm of dream or check out the link to a sweet fan flick below.

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[Via Polygon, Jim Martin]

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