So, Beats Music finally made it's debut on iOS and Android. While there has been praise for the newest streaming music service on the block, there has also been a few complaints.

Many users have experienced bugs while using the service, which Beats says is caused by a surge in traffic from a high level of interest in the app. Because of these bugs, the company decided to let new users register and download the app, but is stopping them short of using the service. "We were able to still register people so we don't turn them away at the door," says Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers. "We just don't put them into the main service so they don't have a bad experience. And then we can email them after and say 'All right, come on in'."

The service, which costs $9.99 a month for access to almost 20 million songs, has extended its free trial period for all users from seven days to two weeks, which users will be able to take advantage of regardless if they have had trouble with the app or not. "Thankfully, we had a great response," Rogers continued. "With all those people coming in, we had a couple of issues that we just couldn't have seen in the beta period."

With a lot of other choices for users to head to, like Rdio, Spotify, Pandora, and now Baboom, hopefully Beats can get these problems fixed sooner rather than later.

[via TechRadar UK]