There are many reasons to tune into Cinemax's Banshee this week, on Friday at 10 p.m., so why not add another to the list: Like, say, the introduction of a new, highly anticipated character. So, it's a good thing this week's episode includes our first look at Chayton Littlestone (Geno Segers), the imposing leader of the Kinaho tribe, who's pretty (understandably) mad that a girl from his tribe has been killed on land that originally belonged to the Kinaho tribe. 

It takes a lot of presence to portray a character like Chayton, and luckily, Segers has it: At 6'4", Segers played football in college before beginning to play for the National American Rugby League. After that, he ended up moving to New Zealand to play for the Richmond Rovers rugby league, before he began to pursue acting. He has appeared in a few shows such as White Collar, but he's best known for his role in DisneyXD's Pair of Kings.

You can check out more photos above, and then a video of Chayton's first scene from this week's episode below.

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