You know it’s gonna get freaky, like Real Sex freaky, when the first thing you see in a clip is a bucket of blood, albeit fake blood, pouring into a bathtub. It’s the first sign that clues the audience in on this photographer's eccentric and disturbing fetish. Its message? Get ready for 24 Exposures, director Joe Swanberg's latest film about a fetish photographer (Adam Wingard), one whose shtick is shooting fake deaths, who becomes a suspect in a murder investigation when one of his models turns up dead.

The scene above opens with a long shot that sees the photographer moving from his set to the “backstage” area where we see a model getting prepped, working perfectly as a metaphor for the 24 Exposures' main preoccupation: what happens when real life blurs with art?

To find out, catch the film in theaters on limited release and on VOD tomorrow.

The film also stars Simon Barrett, Helen Rogers, Caroline White, and Sophia Takal. Watch the full trailer here.

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