This is just heartbreaking.

Caran Johnson routinely listened to police scanners to tweet about traffic accidents and other happenings going on in her home of Vancouver, Wash., and she had amassed a few thousand followers on her account, @ScanCouver. Wednesday seemed like any other day, and Johnson began tweeting about an accident that had occurred on a local highway. As more information made its way through the scanners, Johnson remembered that her husband—who suffers from epilepsy—had left work early because he wasn't feeling well, and had planned to drive on the same highway. Details kept coming in, and Johnson called her husband repeatedly, to no avail. A short time later, police contacted Johnson and notified her that her husband had died in a head-on crash with another vehicle. She's not since put her Twitter account on lock, but sent out this crushing tweet to confirm his death, "It's him. He died."

There's an online fund set up for her and her children.









[via Huffington Post]