Twitter has something it calls the golden tweet: it's the tweet that gets the most shares out of all others from the year. 

The company announced the title today, going to Glee actress Lea Michele. Her tweet, the first one sent after the death of her boyfriend and fellow Glee cast member, Cory Monteith, gathered more than 408,000 retweets and 391,000 favorites. "[It's] the one that resonated most with millions of Twitter users around the world," Twitter said in a blog post. It's interesting, in the scope of the other newsworthy events that have happened throughout the course of the year, that this was the most shared tweet—it wouldn't have been our first guess. It shows the deep interest of the public when a television figure passes away, and their curiosity on how other public figures will react. 

This wasn't the only death on Twitter's list. The second most retweeted update was the tweet that officially announced that actor Paul Walker had died in a car accident in California. After rumors and other reports had circulated for about an hour leading up to the tweet, fans and the country were waiting for a confirmation. This tweet was it.  

Twitter set up a site dedicated to the top tweets of the year, and you can visit it at