As of November, McDonald's officially turned its “Dollar Menu” into a “Dollar Menu and More." As you probably guessed, the "more" means "more money." The glory days of walking under those golden arches with a fistful of bucks and knowing exactly what you’re going to get have come to an end. It turns out that the Dollar Menu was well past its prime. According to The Atlantic, the Dollar Menu should have been quashed years ago. The Dollar Menu was officially introduced in 2002, and by 2008, franchisees were up in arms. It turns out that selling a double cheeseburger at a a dollar price point ensured that they would take a hit. McDonald’s soldiered on for another half-decade, but alas, all good things must come to an end. Inflation has caught up with the dollar food concept and it is now time to say goodbye to the Dollar Menu. Pour out some nuggets for the deals we lost as we revisit the Best McDonald’s Dollar Menu Items of All Time.

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