This past year saw the arrival of over 100 cutting-edge tech products—all scattered across popular and newly created categories—courtesy of the industry’s biggest companies. A new wave of portable devices, from smartphones to tablets, dominated the market all year round. The introduction of next-gen consoles and 4K HDTVs transformed our living rooms into multimedia havens. And wearable technology continued to grow at an exponential rate thanks in part to the popularity behind fitness trackers and smartwatches. Overall, 2013 was a dope year for tech.

But with such a massive collection of devices to hit the scene over these past 12 months, only a few managed to fascinate industry experts and the consumer public, while achieving game-changer eminence through remarkable design, functionality, and hardware feats. So before heading into the New Year, we look back and rank The 13 Best Tech Products of 2013.

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