Role playing video games are awesome in the way they allow gamers to virtually live a life outside of their own—taking a break from the mundane, everyday grind. Like any other genre of games, there are great ones and others that suck but they all have one thing in common and that's a load of blatant clichés. Much like film, RPG clichés are easy to spot but widely accepted as something that's just a part of the overall genre. 

Because the clichés in role playing video games are the norm, it doesn't get a pass from being called out. Some of the clichés are so tired that they should be erased from RPGs all together. How many times will a female character's armor be so revealing that it couldn't even protect her from catching a cold? Is the only magic conceivable limited to natural elements? It shouldn't be, that's why this list of Role Playing Video Game Clichés That Need to Die exists.

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