Here's a world with rap lyrics that is mother-approved.

From Sugar Hill Gang to Three 6 Mafia, rap today is a bit different in flavor to what your parents listened to while growing up. Rappers gets bashed from critics for their oftentimes misogynistic, homophobic, and degrading lyrics, so what if we scrapped all that and replaced those lines with something a little more positive? That's what we get with the new Tumblr, Respectful Rappers. Okay hold up, don't leave just yet. It's actually pretty funny. By matching up classic black and white photographs of today's biggest rappers, the Tumblr takes some of their lyrics and translates it back into something Martha Stewart, or Drake, might say. 

Yeah, these songs just don't have the same ring to them anymore. But positive words always make the world a better place, no? 

Original Lyric:
I’m trying to pull this dime and her fat ass friend keep gettin’ the way


Original Lyric:
And when you leave me, bitch you’re gonna be a ho


Original Lyric:
Beat the pussy up



Original Lyric:
Last I heard, y’all was having sex with the same sex /
I show no love to homo thugs


Original Lyric:
See above

[via Respectful Rappers]

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