Batman Beyond is finally joining the mainstream DC Universe with the upcoming release of a new weekly comic book series from the company called Futures End. The book jumps ahead five years and gives readers a glimpse of where the heroes of DC will be in the future, and from the looks of the promo art released for the title, things won’t be pretty. The book will be written by a team of talent consisting of Jeff Lemire, Keith Giffen, Brian Azzarello, and Dan Jurgens, with art by Ethan Van Sciver, Jesus Merino, and Aaron Lopresti.

The series will start off with a free #0 issue released on Free Comic Book Day in May, with the proper debut of the series taking place later in the month. In addition to Batman Beyond, you can also expect appearances by most of DC’s heavy hitters, with Firestorm, Frankenstein and OMAC already confirmed.

"Really, what we're trying to do with this book is to explore the nature of what a hero is and we're doing that, obviously by playing with the future of the New 52 timeline," Jeff Lemire said in an interview with the AP. "Past present and future all colliding in this story line."

Still not sold yet? Just take a look at the epic first image from the series below: 

Futures End will hit shelves on Free Comic Book Day in May.

[via The AP]