That's right, you knew it was coming: the obligatory 2013 year end video game best of list. Drink it in.

Avoiding the minefield of safely reliable hyperbole, 2013 will, without a doubt, be remembered as one of the the most important years in the history of the video game industry. OK, maybe there's a little hyperbole in there.

Looking solely at the broad strokes of 2013: the Xbox One's debut (and subsequent full reverse of certain policies in the face of mounting Internet backlash), Sony countering with the reveal of the PlayStation 4, the meteoric funding and crushing failure of the Kickstarter darling Ouya, the Occulus Rift bringing us all one step closer to virtual reality on a commercially accessible level, Anita Sarkeesian's series of videos dissecting the representation of women in video games, a new Grand Theft Auto, and Valve's Steambox (finally) making the tenuous first steps into the console arena all seemed to loom larger than actual video games.


2013 was a year full of both stagnation and innovation. Indie wunderkind projects, AAA missteps, the Kickstarter dream machine bankrolling and breaking hearts, and some of the most anticipated titles finally seeing the light of day.

Here it is: Complex's Best Video Games of 2013.

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