Twitter is the home of snark on the Internet. Some use Twitter to keep up on politics. Others use the social network to stay up to date with pop culture. Sports fans use their handles to obsess over their favorite team. No matter what brought you to Twitter, you probably also try to use it to show the world just how clever you are. We aren't here to tell you not to tweet your witty, sarcastic thoughts. What use is Twitter if we can't use it to mock all of the things that annoy us on and offline? All we ask is that you find new ways to snark.

There are some jokes on Twitter that have become automatic knee-jerk reactions. These lines aren't really jokes anymore, but rather they are stale, obligatory punctuation of our shared social media language. Let's all get together and demand a fresher, more interesting edge to our Internet humor. Let's leave behind Chuck Norris and Kim Kardashian jokes at long last and strive for commentary that is truly hilarious. As you strive to find new, innovate ways to snark, take a look at these 15 Twitter Jokes We Can Retire Now.