Quake’s direct presence as a multiplayer game hasn’t exactly been at the top of anyone’s charts for the past several years, but the dedicated contingent of Quake Live players ­­– part of id’s ongoing community that repackaged the multi-centric Quake III as a free-to-play online tourney title – will be interested to know that the game will be going standalone by the end of the year.

id explains that the shift is due to changes being made by Google and Firefox that would complicate Quake Live running smoothly. Players of the soon-to-be-formerly browser-based game will just need to install a launcher after the transition, which will allow for updates to be downloaded as they’re released.

Going standalone also means that Quake Live is losing native Mac and Linux support, although apparently you can still run the launcher from within an emulation app. Players interested can sign up for Quake Live launcher beta by going here.

Via Polygon

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