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It's already bad enough that drunk people determined to celebrate Halloween early flooded the streets of many cities this weekend, but this? Unacceptable isn't the word.

Instagram user Kt Cimeno shared a picture of herself and two companions; one was dressed as George Zimmerman, while the other—clad in blackface and feaux-blood stained hoody—dressed as Trayvon Martin

The image eventually started to make its way around the Internet, which prompted the poster to deactivate her Facebook account and deleted the image. You shared it on the Internet, which is arguably the largest public file there is—why be remoreseful about it now? Look at them, they think it's hilarious. 

Once the image went viral, people went off. Search #ktcimeno on Twitter for a taste of that.

People can defend George Zimmerman's "right" to defend himself all they want, but this proves a select fewand probably more than that, honestly—think the death of an unarmed teenager is something to laugh at. They still think it's a joke.

Happy Halloween, "post-racial" America.

[via Gawker]

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