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Valve unveiled details about its ambitions to take over our living rooms with its Steam Machines last month. But Microsoft studios chief Phil Harrison, speaking to MCV UK, said that while he personally has great admiration for what Valve is doing he doesn't see the Steam Machines as a threat to the Xbox One.

"We think the Xbox One business model, developer ecosystem and retail support, will make our platform very successful," Harrison said. "It is unclear to me, until I see Valve's product and understand all of their announcements, exactly what they are doing."

Harrison sees Valve’s move from the PC to the living room as in-line with what Microsoft has been doing for years. "The one thing that is exciting about the Steam announcement is that it demonstrates clearly that the center of gravity for the most exciting game experiences is the living room," he said. "The biggest screen in the house connected to a sound system is the place where you are going to get the most amazing games."

It's unclear if Valve sees itself as any threat to traditional consoles. Because of the open nature of the Steam Machines and its operating system, SteamOS, Microsoft could simply integrate it into the Xbox at some point. Maybe Valve is playing the smart game and simply offering alternatives instead of direct competition.

What do you think? Is Valve gunning to be the lasting next-gen?

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