Everyone was probably too distracted by Kim Kardashian's gigantic ring from now-fiancé Kanye West in pictures from last night's proposal to really notice this, but that's what we're here for—to point out random fun facts. Like this one: Apparently in attendance at KimYe's proposal in San Francisco was none other than Will Smith's Twitter-happy son, Jaden Smith. And, judging by the one Instagram snap that caught him hanging out in the corner, he was very moved by the whole thing. 

It's not that weird that he's in attendance—he is, after all, good friends with Kylie and Kendall Jenner—but we go have to ask: Is he just so overwhelmed with giddiness in that picture, or is he shedding a few tears? It could go either way, really, and speculating is obviously how we should all be spending our time right now.

Take a look at the full photo and decide for yourself. Do you think he cries during The Notebook?

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