Remember that interview Will Smith and Jaden Smith did with Vulture just before the release of their flop/possible Scientology propaganda film, After Earth, where Will said that he is "at heart, a physicist," and Jaden talked about a secret mathematics conspiracy that no one's capable of learning about yet? Yeah, I was totally content to just forget about that interview too, but it's really hard to keep that up when Jaden tweets stuff like this:

No, Jaden, this is not how that would go. If the whole world dropped out of school, no one would know how to function in life, or how to do long division. This would make for the OPPOSITE of an intelligent society.

For the record (and to be fair) the Smiths have never publicly identified with scientology, but you've gotta admit—that tweet sound pretty Scientology-esque. As does this one, which Jaden tweeted yesterday:

One of the main ideas of Scientology is that human beings are immortal souls trapped in mortal bodies who have "forgotten their true nature," and must remember/overcome past traumatic experiences to "free" themselves. Newborn babies, without knowledge, would be considered untainted. Just saying...

Either way, these tweets are weird. Stay in school, kids.

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[via  @officialjaden/Twitter]