The NBA 2K series has long-established itself as the premiere option when it comes to basketball simulations. With intuitive and innovative control systems, breathtakingly realistic visuals, and endlessly addictive gameplay, the franchise has blown past the competition in its quest to dominate the world of NBA gaming. Over the years, we've come to love 2K Games for the work that they've done, and with the release of NBA 2K14 today, it got us thinking: who have some of our all-time favorite payers in these games been? And, more specifically, who have been our favorite point guards? 

In the NBA, the hardwood generals bringing it up the court, dishing it to their teammates, and driving it to the hole are often the most important players. In the virtual world, it's no different. A game can be decided by a well-timed kick-out for 3, or a savvy pass to the open man down low. So, to commemorate all the roundball maestros responsible for leading our squads to victory, we decided to highlight the 15 Best Point Guards in NBA 2K History. Take a look and let us know what you think. Who do you think will join them this year? 

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