Grand Theft Auto V is full of awesome rides. Rip up the city streets in the electric Voltic, or scream down the highway in a fully armored, ground hugging Batmobile, the Cheetah. We can even run over some hikers on our way up the side of Mt. Chiliad in the VW-like hillbilly dune buggy that is the Injection. Grand Theft Auto, as the name suggest, has always been about jacking the best rides. From the beginning, running around London in the 1960s or Anywhere USA in GTA III, it’s about napping the best rides and getting away with it, or at the very least running over everything in a tank.

There are times in Grand Theft Auto V when being chased by the cops, running after your friends, or tumbling off a hill when you must abandon your vehicle for the nearest ride. It’s times like these when you throw some poor sap out of his busted-up Albany Emperor 2, or jump on the nearest Vespa-like Faggio that your realize it; This is not a getaway vehicle.

Here are 10 rides you don’t want to use to get away from the Los Santos 5-0. These are cars that nobody is going to look good in. Because let’s face it, nobody looks fly cruising around in a minivan.

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