Think Dark Souls is hard? You’re right. Believe it could be even harder? Have we got a mod for you.

If you’re one of the many PC Dark Souls players, you may want to check out the newly-released aggressive mod, which alters the enemy AI in the game pretty drastically. Not only can you not run away from enemies (they’ll chase you to the ends of the earth), they’ll start approaching you from much greater distances. Which means they won’t be the in same places you remember them being. (Also, foes will also attack more, obviously.)

Essentially the mod, the work of a modder named “RITD,” makes the game horrifyingly unpredictable.

Oh, and the pièce de résistance? Some NPCs will follow you too. Good luck keeping them alive.

If you’re a masochist and want to know how to install the mod, hit the link below.

Via Insane Difficulty

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