Sure-fire way to feel all those Breaking Bad Feelings once more? Rewatching the series finale for the umpteenth time, of course, or reading the final two pages of the episode's script, which were photographed and posted online by one lucky Redditor who managed to catch a glimpse of them at the Austin Film Festival. Obviously, SPOILER ALERT. 

The two pages—which effectively put that whole "Walter White was dreaming" theory to a rest—say volumes more than even the final scenes in the episode do. Like for Jesse: As he drove away, audiences were supposed to be left guessing what would be in store for him, but Vince Gilligan even says in the script that it's supposed to be optimistic. "I like to call it 'something better,' and leave it at that."

As for Walt, his scene played out pretty much as it was on paper, but this line after Walt collapses makes all the difference in its perception: "POLICE OFFICERS approach [Walt] now -- four, six, eight of them. They move in cautiously, their guns aimed. [...] They're too late. He got away."

[via Uproxx]