If your faith in humanity is wavering, this video will do little to restore it. Police surveillance footage captured a 33-year-old blind man—who's walking alone—being savagely beaten and robbed in Philadelphia's Germantown section on Oct. 2. What's worse, not a single witness or bystander did anything. 

As Gawker notes, it's very easy to point the finger at the witnesses who declined to act, even though they'd potentially be putting themselves in danger, as well. However, one man can be seen crossing the street, looking back at the attack, and then proceeding like it's a daily occurrence. It's one thing to put your head down and keep it moving (which we aren't condoning), but it's something else to acknowledge the violence and then ignore it. 

The victim, who sustained injuries to his face and head, said he did not recognize the voice of his attacker. The Philadelphia Police Department has released the video in hope that it will lead to his assailant's arrest, as a clear look at his face is provided later in the video.

[via Gawker]