City: Atlanta 
Address789 Ponce de Leon Ave NE
Claim to infamy: Mumford & Sons got kicked out

"This club is for the girls who are not built so great, but have great personalities," said Clermont Lounge's blonde-wigged proprietress, Blondie, on Anthony Bourdain's Layover. That's the understatement of the century from an aging woman who crushes beer cans with her breasts, and to whom gravity has not been kind. But, that's also what makes Clermont magical. Situated in the dank basement of a motel, Clermont, open since 1965, is a seedy den of sin. On any given day, people get so drunk and rowdy on the cheap drinks that they pee on each other. One stripper lights matches on fire with her nipples. And 70-year-olds take their clothes off for the very mixed crowd. Because, why not? This tactic brings tons of crazy celebrities through the door, including the likes of Kid Rock, Marilyn Manson, and most recently, uber-Christian folk boys-next-door, Mumford and Sons, who got kicked out during karaoke for ruining the DJ's set.