Students at Arizona State University couldn't wait for the school year to start. In just two weekends, they've already made the lives of the Tempe Police Department a living hell, as cops have arrested a staggering 857 people

Many of the arrests have been performed by a task force that targets alcohol-related crimes. In the three days prior to the start of classes, 371 students were arrested; the following weekend, another 486 were locked up. Here's a specific breakdown of ASU criminal activity for the weekend of Aug. 22-24, courtesy of the Tempe Police Department:

- Total stops: 1,812

- Total citations: 919

- Total arrests: 486

- Arrests for minors in possession of alcohol: 208

- Total DUI arrests: 85

- Calls for loud parties: 68

- Nuisance notices: 26

- Minors, under the age of 18, in possession of alcohol: 14

- Party notices with minors in possession of alcohol: 11

- Average blood-alcohol level for DUI suspects: .136

The high arrest totals are due to department's "Safe and Sober" campaign, which aims to curb crime fueled by drunken debauchery. From the looks of it, the Tempe PD has a long road ahead of them. Wait until midterms are over.

[via International Business Times]