Air date: August 2012

While the majority of America is concerned with the War on Poverty, Fox News is concerned with its War On the Idea That Poverty Is a Problem. There is no doubt that you are familiar with Fox News' usual attack on the poor, which is that they are lazy and spend their welfare money on Cadillacs and fur coats. This time, they tried a new tactic. Fox News, in conjunction with a Heritage Foundation study, claimed that if you own a refrigerator and a microwave, you aren't actually poor.

As any of you who have lived with the collegiate combo of a mini-fridge and a microwave in your dorm room know, having these things doesn't mean you have food. The segment, featuring the American Heritage Foundation's Robert Rector, went on to further denigrate the poor, using phrases like "living standards of the poor have increased rather steadily for the last 30 years" and "a typical poor family lives in a house or an apartment" to dismiss poverty out of hand. We prefer a heavy dose of booze to help us sleep at night, but meaningless statistics can help you with that too.