School: Fordham University
Location: Bronx, N.Y.
Avg. cost of meal plan/year: $4640
Student rant: "The food on campus is wretched. We had the distinguished honor of winning most disgusting food last year and believe me it was well deserved."- BowensK [via College Prowler]

Fordham University is notorious for their god awful cafeterias. Most of the complaints stem from the flavorless food, ridiculously overpriced meal plans, and the filthy cafeterias. But this is nothing new for Fordham students. The food has been an ongoing issue at the school for sometime now. After years of failed health inspections, Fordham students have rightfully said that eating the food immediately leads to feeling unwell. Thankfully, Fordham is located in New York City, so off campus food choices are plentiful. The only caveat? First year students are required to purchase a meal plan. We pity you, freshmen.