EA Games executive vice president Patrick Söderlund has let slip that the Western triple-A giant is working on as many as eight new game properties, according to a news blip from MCV.

While Söderlund did not specify that everything new that EA is working on (whatever it might be) is next-gen, he cited both the Mirror’s Edge re-envisioning and the revival of Star Wars Battlefront III as examples of how the company is committed to “new” ideas ­­– somewhat backhandedly as neither property is strictly new – moving into the eighth generation of console hardware.

“The day we stop making new IP is when we go onto life support,” Söderlund said. He did not mention whether or not Mirror’s Edge and Star Wars were included among the “six to eight” new IP he mentioned, or give any other indication as to why the number he did bring to the table was not a solid one.

While EA isn’t exactly known for blowing the lid off industry paradigms in either narrative or design outside of exactly what fans are looking for, DICE did create Mirror’s Edge, probably the ballsiest game the company has released of this generation (second place going to the criminally underrated Shadows of the Damned). Their next-gen Frostbite engine has also seemingly become the defacto rig of choice for EA’s next-gen titles. Could EA be changing their tune? Time will tell.