SPARTAN soldiers are frequently alone, usually outnumbered, and always in danger of losing their lives. They've got precious few advantages in their endless fight against superior foes: their shielded MJOLNIR armor, their excellent propensity for teamwork, their own resourcefulness—it's a short list. But there's one more big one: an arsenal unlike any other.

What started as a modest but versatile assortment of unique guns in the original Halo blossomed into a massive collection of powerful, colorful, and impossible weapons. We've all got our favorites, like the trusty Battle Rifle or the surprisingly Plasma Pistol. What about the devastating Energy Sword or the clandestine, almost mythical Scarab Gun?

Herein we document our 20 favorite weapons from the Halo universe, spanning all six games released so far in the main shooter series. What are yours?

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