Tucked in a cozy little seaside pocket just south of Boston, New Bedford is experiencing a renaissance of sorts with creative people flocking from the admittedly artist heavy city for environs that are more intuitively peaceful. The city boasts what the state calls a “creative economy,” which makes it a perfect place for entrepreneurs. Massachusetts itself has 23.5% more artists than the national average and cultural programs like New Bedford’s AHA! help raise money for New Bedford’s artistic causes. The old buildings in the “Whaling City” also serve as beautiful examples of architecture for painters or architects, or beacons of history for writers. The town even just recent opened a “work of art” urban park. If you’re looking for a creative class friendly place to call home while still being obscenely close to both New York City and Boston, you can get a one bedroom apartment for $650. Yep, that’s with no roommates. How’s that freelance career looking now?