Did you know that, in the late-90s, Big Tobacco companies talked about recruiting graffiti artists to get the word out about their products? Talk about a poseur move. Well, it's time to take back the streets through one very powerful medium: street art.

With the new Graffiti Collective game app, you can sharpen your street art skills right on your smartphone. You don't need to be a graffiti artist or a fine artist or any kind of established artist; the game is for all kinds of users with an interest in creative expression.

Graffiti Collective lets you create your own custom graffiti, choosing everything from fonts to colors to different backgrounds and spellings. While you're working, you can listen to your own tunes through the app; plus, the more you play, you also become eligible to receive free tracks from hit artists. You can also tag your artwork's location using Google Maps, and then share it online through Facebook.

To get the truth Graffiti Collective app for yourself, click here.