Director: Terry Gilliam
Stars: Jonathan Pryce, Robert De Niro, Bob Hoskins, Katherine Helmond, and Ian Holm

Striking a perfect balance between Orwellian social commentary and Monty Python-esque humor, director Terry Gilliam’s Brazil is a landmark not only in terms of special effects, but humor as well. A lowly bureaucrat named Sam Lowry (Jonathan Pryce) is our gateway into Gilliam's fantastical world, where a precious few dream of overthrowing the ridiculous totalitarian government that's mucked everything up.

Out of one man’s misery comes jokes as we watch Lowry try to chase happiness, only to be beaten down by the man ad nauseum. Along the way he meets a sordid cast of misfits including Bob Hoskins as a disgruntled city maintenance employee and Robert De Niro as a non-union repairman who causes havoc throughout the city as political protest.

The humor ranges from dry to deliriously off the wall, but through sheer force of will (and special effects) Gilliam makes it work. Brazil is the result of a jaded madman behind camera and a committed cast in front of it. In short, we’ll likely never see anything quite like it again.