Were you one of the unlucky few who paid to see The Lone Ranger over the weekend? If so, stop kicking yourself and buck up, moviegoer, because it's about to get better. Much better. The rest of the year looks bright, with the third and fourth quarter onslaughts of awards season hopefuls on the horizon. Suprisingly, the August slate looks strong, with a handful of indie flicks like Short Term 12 and Drinking Buddies.

The first six months of every year always bring a large number of cinematic turkeys, being that, before the summer blockbuster season begins, it's mostly a dumping ground for studio movies that don't stand a chance with that bastard Oscar. And in 2013, unfortunate film buffs have certainly been assaulted with a variety of bullshit. You can't have the good (as in, the best movies of 2013 to date) without the bad, and be warned: All of the inclusions on this list of the worst movies of 2013 (so far) are really, really bad.

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