We can't guarantee that the world won't impode from these two universes colliding, but hey, if it does, it'll be worth it. According to TVLine, Fox's two most popular animated shows, The Simpsons and Family Guy will finally get a crossover episode.

The long-anticipated Simpsons-Griffins meeting will take place during an episode of Family Guy next year, and feature the Griffin's paying a visit to Springfield only to run in to and "befriend" the Simpson family. Peter and Homer will bond over beer, Stewie and Bart over their penchant for causing trouble, Lisa will try to find Meg's talent, and Lois and Marge will become "bosom buddies." Take that how you want.

Evidence that the world probably won't implode from these two TV families/pop culture phenomenons meeting: Longtime Simpsons and Family Guy fans know, of course, that this isn't the first time Peter and Homer have been on screen together before, though there was never any proper, full crossover episode. In a 2005 episode of The Simpsons, Peter was depicted as being wanted for plagiarism, implying that Family Guy copies The Simpsons.

Similarly, in a 2012 episode of Family Guy, Peter exclaims that he broke televsion, only to have Homer run in the room and claim the same thing. Peter than chastises Homer, and says that finally, Family Guy got to something first. There have been other instances of the characters appearing on each other's shows too. Back in 1987, The Jetsons and The Flinstones did a whole crossover movie, and hey, we're all fine so far! Proceed, producers.

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[via TVLine]