It doesn't seem that long ago people were predicting the demise of Netflix, and calling for CEO Reed Hastings to get the axe, all because of a little idea called Qwikster that never saw the light of day. Now it seems as if all has been forgiven, because Netflix's first attempts at original programming has just earned them Emmy nominations. 

This is a big win for the company, as they admitted that their plan is to become HBO before "HBO can become us." Their political drama led by Kevin Spacey, House of Cards, earned nine nominations; while the fourth season of Arrested Development earned three nominations. Hemlock Grove earned two nominations for music and special effects, bringing their grand total to 14—which any traditional network would have been proud to get. Netflix has promised more original content would be making its way to the service, vowing to release a minimum of five original programs a year. 

Amazon has announced that it, too, will be jumping into the original programming game. Looks like Netflix has lifted the bar pretty high for them.

Now, can they win?

[via Daily Beast]