Valve has announced the largest prize pool in eSports history for its upcoming Dota 2 International tournament, $2.6 million for a single event.

The prize will go up though, as every player who purchases an in-game Interactive Compendium at $10 apiece will add $2.50 to the total prize pool. Furthermore if the pool reaches $3.2 million, Compendium owners will be able to select the next Dota 2 Hero shipped in the final game.

Dota 2 analyst Matthew "Cyborgmatt" Bailey told Gamespot that he's not surprised at the item sales as Valve has put an impressive amount of effort into the Compendium.

"...the amount of work Valve has put into the Compendium after the initial release with the introduction of the player cards, International fantasy challenge, predictions, rewards, and more just help to show their dedication of making this year's International event the best one yet and also gives you a ton of content for your money," stated Bailey.

The previous milestone in eSports cash was the League of Legends Season 2 World Championships in August 2012, which had $1.97 million in its prize pool.

The International Dota 2 Championships will run from August 7 through 11 at Seattle's Benaroya Hall. Fifteen of the tournament's 16 teams have already been invited with the final slot up for grabs at a qualifier immediately before the tournament begins. Keep the dream alive; one slot is left so keep training. For more information about the championships head over to Valve's official Dota2 site.

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[Via Gamespot]