Show: Downton Abbey (PBS)
Date: 12/25/2012

Downton Abbey delivered a pair of stunning character deaths toward the end of season three. While Sybil's (Jessica Brown Findaly) was less expected, as rumors were swirling about Dan Stevens's departure before his final episode aired, Julian Fellowes blindsided audiences with the way he took out Matthew Crawley. Matthew's death by slow moving milk truck was pretty weak, but in a way, that makes spoiling it worse. The method of his demise was as unexpected as it was unsatisfying.

The idea of spoilers for British shows is strange because, as they often air in Britain well before they are aired in the states, the Brits have months to spoil American audiences who refuse to flock to bit torrent. It's hard for us to imagine that many Downtown lovers have the fortitude to avoid taking a peek at a spoiler or two as they impatiently wait for their dose of costume drama. Those who do seek out spoilers before their favorite shows come stateside will appreciate that the Brits tend to be a bit more witty and poetic with their spoiling than Americans.