Samsung officially announced the Galaxy S4 Zoom this morning, introducing a phone into the Galaxy family that is built for those who love photography, or at the very least, need quality when it comes to taking photographs. 

The company left out a launch date for the S4 Zoom, but they shared plenty of specs. The phone will come with 8 GB of internal memory (with 5GB of that being user memory), and users will have the option of upgrading to up to 64GB of microSD memory. Now on to the meat of the phone: the S4 Zoom comes with a 16-megapixel camera with 10x Optical Zoom and a Xenon Flash. The optical zoom means you'll be able to get good quality pictures of those far away objects that come out distorted and shaky on other phones that only feature digital zoom. The phone features a In-Call Photo Share feature that lets users send photos by way of MMS to the person they're on the phone with. Don't forget about selfies: the phone has a 1.9-megapixel front-facing camera. Yet, all these features means the phone will be bulkier in contrast to the slim designs of other Galaxy devices.

Samsung will be throwing an event on June 20 in London where the Galaxy S4 will likely be presented and a release date announced. 

[via Android Authority]