Square Enix is clearly paying close attention to the impact of Dishonored, because the next-gen Thief reboot seems to be, at least in terms of art direction, very similar. To capitalize on the pre-E3 weekend hype, a new trailer has been released in advance of the show. It’s typically gorgeous – SE still isn’t showing off actual gameplay, sticking to their CG-rendered guns – but it does seem to confirm one thing: Garrett’s personality seems to be intact after all these years.

Through quick cuts, the master thief gives a monologue on his life’s purpose (that would be to steal), showcasing some pretty-if-very-shadowy scenes of Garrett stealing jewelry from a Dunwall-ish aristocrat while dodging a guard’s crossbow.

“You may think you caught me, but think again,” Garrett intones. “Because when I want something, I always get it.” Hopefully he’ll have a vocal presence in the actual game. For now the question is, what time period does this reboot take place in?

The trailer also ends with the tagline “What’s yours is mine,” a curious choice given that’s the subtitle of the recently released heist indie Monaco.

Hopefully SE will have some answers next week.

Via Youtube