Creators: Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David
Networks (Years): NBC (1989-1998)

Oh, those crazy New Yorkers, with their close talkers and man hands and shrinkage and somehow no people of color anywhere.

Sure, the show had a "Jewish identity," if that's what you want to call being self-involved and petty, but other than Johnnie Cochran homage Jackie Chiles, some Native American woman that Jerry once wanted to smash, a guy who Elaine thought might be light-skinned but was really just weird, and that one black woman who refused to accept George's book donation because he'd taken it in the shitter with him, the whole thing was whiter than a cracker buffet table on set at a bukkake movie filming in Sweden after a blizzard.

Oh, no, wait-there WERE Puerto Ricans. On that one episode...that got protested...and was yanked from syndication...because it was so offensive. So hey, at least there's that.