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Caleb McGillivary, known across the Internet as "Kai the Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker," was characteristically relaxed during his arraignment in a New Jersey courtroom yesterday. McGillvary, 24, has been accused of beating 73-year-old attorney Joseph Galfy to death in his Clark, NJ home last month. When Superior Court Judge Brenda Coppola Cuba informed him that his bail has been set at $3 million, he responded “Oh, fine. Cool." 

McGillvary, who also goes by "Kai Lawrence," was arrested last month in Philadelphia. He was charged with murder for allegedly killing Clark about 24 hours after the two met in Times Square. In a May 14 Facebook post, McGillvary claimed that he woke up in a stranger's home after being drugged and sexually assaulted. Galfy's body was found on his bed; he wore only socks and underwear at the time.

While his public defender entered a "Not Guilty" plea on his behalf, McGillvary asked Cuba for time to secure a private attorney. Supporters have donated $1,467 to a fund for his defense. McGillvary rose to viral fame earlier this year thanks to a video of him hilariously explaining how he saved a woman in Fresno, CA with quick-thinking and a hatchet.


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