Without the Internet, the world wouldn't be able to document the perils of live local news. Local news stations are, at best, only affiliates of major networks like CNN and Fox News. These are teams of the men and women who won't be appearing on national news to talk about today's filibuster, or whatever story happens to be attracting the country's attention. They seldom have the poise of Matt Lauer, or the insight of Charlie Rose. They're often young, prone to moments of extreme candor, and what's worse, they're covering local news.

What makes local news? Sometimes a big story will break in a small North Dakota town, but more often than not, we're talking about the woman who showed the vacuum man her tits. (Good luck unpacking that.)

Local news is the source of all weather man stereotypes. All of your favorite news dick jokes come from the local news. Which is what makes it more exciting than the actual news. It's a little unfair to think of these moments as failures. Because they succeed at making us laugh so damn well.

Here are 50 hilarious local news fails.

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