Though details about Selma Blair's sudden exit from FX's Anger Management have been foggy at best, it looks like Deadline might have finally uncovered what really happened: According to the site, Blair was not only fired from the show after she spoke out against star Charlie Sheen's (lack of) work ethic, but Sheen also decided to be a major asshole and fire her from the show himselfby text. From the site:

"I’ve learned more details about the Selma Blair’s shocking dismissal from Anger Management. I hear Charlie Sheen “fired” her via text, in which he called the actress a “c–t.” I also hear that Blair was not the only member of the show’s cast and crew that was frustrated by Sheen’s work habits as I hear they would often sit and wait for hours for him to show up for work. Though it was Blair voicing her concerns that got Sheen to flip out and get her sacked. I hear Blair’s role as Charlie’s therapist will not be recast."

A casting call seeking a new lead female reportedly went out yesterday. 

The news of Blair's departure came rather surprisinglythough rumors were floating around that there was some drama between the co-stars because Sheen reportedly threatened to quit when he heard Blair had complaints regarding his behavior, the actress recently tweeted rather complimentary words about him:

Additionally, Sheen was reportedly the one who got Blair her job on the series in the first place—when producers weren't too keen on hiring Blair for the part as Sheen's character's therapist in the show, Sheen ultimately pushed for her to get the part. 

Production on the series is expected to go forward as scheduled, with writers working overtime to make the creative changes necessary to explain Blair's sudden exit. 

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[via Deadline]