If you still haven't nailed down that summer job, we recommend swallowing your pride and relying on nepotism to land you gainful employment. You are going to spend the rest of your life watching other people's parents get them jobs. Luckily for you, these rich kids aren't currently working summer jobs because their parents have gotten them your dream internship, even though they are more interested in going to EDM concerts and popping Molly than pursuing a future in publishing.

Don't get too bummed out, your parents do know some people: they know the guy down at the bank, the manager at the lumber yard, and the crazy lady at the flea market. Leverage your parents' network to get you the summer job that you hate the least. That way, you'll have the memory to cling to as you are passed over in favor of far less qualified, far more connected people for the rest of your life. Have the crazy lady at the flea market pick you out something nice to give to the rich kids once you return to school in the fall so that they'll remember you when you're working in their mail room a few years down the road.