Network: NBC
Air dates: 1991-1995
Stars: Mayim Bialik, Joey Lawrence, Micahel Stoyanov, Jenna von Oy

After spending the afternoon watching Family Matters and Full House, Blossom felt different and vibrant. There's a lot of potential in a comedy that begins with a mother walking out on a family, an opportunity to establish a unique tone, but Blossom shies away from the chance, deftly tip-toeing around dealing with the characters' problems. Even episodes with edgy plot points like Anthony's (Michael Stoyanov) alcoholism or Joey's (Joey Lawrence) soliciting a prostitute, are handled as superficially as Full House handles narratives about characters being homesick on Christmas.

Dark subject matter presented this lightly creates a show that is tonally jarring and rarely funny. The show's trademark fantasy sequences further detach us from the emotions of the characters, creating a show so light that it never touches us at all.