Much like a young child gets excited for Christmas day, film nerds get excited for the summer months of the year - because that's the time when the year's biggest blockbusters are released, and we can all marvel and/or scoff at the insane box office numbers that result. Really, it's half the fun! 

As we're just entering the summer months now, the movie buffs over at put together a list of box office predictions for 25 of the most highly anticipated upcoming films, from The Hangover Pt. III to World War Z, and we've got to say: They seem pretty on point. For instance, the list projects Iron Man 3 to earn $1.1 billion total worldwide, and it's already been confirmed that the film earned about $200 million internationally over the span of just five days - going off that, the prediction seems fairly accurate. 

Check out the full list over at here.

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