After just one season, Shakira is reportedly exiting her spot as judge on NBC's The Voice. Her replacement? The very host she originally replaced, Christina Aguilera. It's just like 2012 all over again!

According to Deadline, Aguilera left the series last year to promote her new album Lotus. Her return isn't coming without a price tag for production - apparently, her salary could be anywhere between $12 million and $17 million. 

There's no official word on why exactly Shakira is leaving, but executive producer Mark Burnett did comment: "Everybody can’t coach for life because when you have people with current recording in the game, this is not their job...Their job is their fans and making music and being live, and so we knew from the beginning that this would happen, and we’ve had six coaches. They all have another life and their schedules." Fair enough.

Aguilera will rejoin former co-judges Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. Former judge Cee Lo Green is also in talks to return, presumably in Usher's spot. 

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[via Deadline]